An Introduction

Al-Maqsood is an international organization with its network spread across the six continents. Within Pakistan it operates in Karachi, Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, and Sarhad provinces. Globally its operations are spread across the Middle East including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar; Europe, including the Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, and Spain; in Africa including Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa. Al-Maqsood Foundation has also presence in Mumbai, Australia and the United States of America.

This foundation is striving to provide welfare and relief to humanity without consideration for skin color, ethnicity and religion. Al-Maqsood Foundation has such greater aims as propagating the message of Islam, doing practical effort to bring harmony among different sections of Muslim Ummah, and taking part an active role in Islamic Renaissance. The founder of this organization Hazrat Allama professor doctor Muhammad Maqsood Illahi Naqshbandi is a renown spiritual and Islamic figure of present times.

There are four different organizations working under the banner of Al-Maqsood Foundation. The details are given below.

1-Islami Roohani Mission

Islami Roohani Mission is a platform that provides a sense of direction and peace of mind to those who have lost sense of direction in their lives; and most of all, all those who have suffered the pangs of life, have the chance to join this organization and find a real peace of mind. It is understandable that human being try to find this unique wealth in a society where survival of the fittest is the norm, a society riddled with competition, jealousy, falsehood, backbiting, bribery, theft, gambling, and crimes of every sort like drinking alcohol, adultery, injustice, and homosexuality. Above all this, humanity is groaning under the burden of living with systems of their own making away from tangible connection with Allah Almighty. Given to these circumstances, let alone finding the purpose of life and having a lasting connection with their Lord, human beings have become a stooge and a plaything at the hands of Satan and their evil self. Islami Roohani Mission is here to liberate humanity from the clutches of evil and provide them a sense of direction that affords them peace of mind.

Islami Roohani Mission is an organization and a movement that strives to cure the inner and outer maladies of the society. Today, human society is in disarray, Satanic intrusions and plans have entangled humans in the mire of evil and sins. There seems no end to all this. Human values are losing their currency fast. In these grim circumstance, a voice stands out among Muslim Ummah that feels the pain of humanity and sets out to reform the society. He is none other than Hazrat Allama Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Illahi Naqshbandi. He belongs of Silsila Naqshbandiya. All his efforts to bring a reformative change in the society is sincere without regard for any worldly or monitory considerations. All his efforts are for the sake of seeking the pleasure of Allah Almighty and love of the blessed Holy Prophet (ﷺ). It is without any doubt that health of a society depends upon the health of individuals. If individuals are trained to take part in the collective and individual reformation of any society, it is very important that we train these individual to realize the change in the society. These individuals are not only trained in sublime morals, but they are equipped with technical hands to bring about a civilizational change in the society. When these individuals are well trained in their worldly and spiritual skills, they are better equipped to take on the task of social reformations. These individuals can bring a veritable Islamic revolution in the society.

All the departments running under the guidance of Islami Roohani Mission work selflessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and round the year to realize the intended change.

2- Al-Maqsood Welfare Trust

All the creations of Allah Almighty are likened to Divine family. Everyone has a right onto the other. So, it is the right of being a human that we should live together, help each other and in difficult times. This is the basic rule that runs everywhere in the creations of Allah Almighty. The very same feeling prompted our Revered Sheikh Mukaram Hazrat Allama Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Illahi Naqshbandi to come forward and start the ambitious project of serving the humanity selflessly. His mission kept on moving providing people a stage where they can channelize their energies to serve the greater cause of humanity in general and of Islam in particular. He has prepared a group of dedicated and sincere people who are busy in promoting his vision of serving the humanity day and night in all the corners of the world.

Al-Maqsood Foundation is the key organization that coordinates these welfare activities. The volunteers in Al-Maqsood Foundation come from various walks of life. The business people try to help the needy people establish their own businesses by helping them monetarily and give them advice or any help that might be needed. Similarly, these business people help generate jobs that are given to needy people. This has solved economic problem of many families. This is only one example of how Al-Maqsood Foundation is helping needy people in fulfilling their social and economic roles in the society. Besides this, Al-Maqsood Foundation has made tangible arrangements in helping people find suitable marriage partners. Al-Maqsood Trust also provides monthly contributions to many poor and needy families to meet their household everyday needs, especially in the month of Ramadan, these welfare activities proliferate all around abundantly. Al-Maqsood Trust also makes elaborate arrangements on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha to provide sacrificial meat to the poor families. The trust makes extensive arrangements of collective sacrificing animals. This helps us provide meat to the poor families. Besides arranging annual spiritual gatherings, Al-Maqsood Trust also makes arrangements of providing “Langar” food to the daily wages workers, poor and sick people. For detailed information, the following website can be visited:

3-Al-Maqsood Education System

Al- Maqsood Education System is a unique education system that blends modern scientific studies with Islamic, spiritual and moral education. This effort is being made to overrun the historical mistakes that we have made and the designs of our enemies to keep us backward. Al-Maqsood Education System provides a comfortable environment for the teachers and learners to learn modern knowledge under the framework provided by Islamic knowledge and culture. This system includes a network of schooling system, the Quran network, Cadet Colleges, Technical Colleges, Law Colleges, Engineering, Technology and Management universities. Al-Maqsood Education System has also established a global Research Center. This center not only prepares syllabuses and courses for Al-Maqsood Education System but also prepares our students in academic skills such as writing, referencing and research. The researchers at this center work day and night to answer those questions that denigrators of Islam raise to tarnish the image of Islam and put forward the teachings of Islam in a pristine manner.

These are the times of science and social media. Islamic world is under direct attack from its enemies on all fronts. In order to guard our ideological borders from the onslaught from the enemies of Islam, our scholars must be abreast with modern and classical forms of knowledge to counter this onslaught. In order to prepare committed scholars, Hazrat Allama Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Illahi Naqshbandi has laid the foundation of Al-Maqsood University of Spiritual and Modern Sciences. This university offers a variety of courses ranging from basic religious courses like Hifz Al-Quran and Dars-e-Nazami to Maters level courses in modern disciplines of knowledge like English, Arabic language, computer and commerce etc.

4- Al-Maqsood Media

Al-Maqsood Foundation is trying to use every possible way of modern communications to forward the message of Islam. In order to achieve this goal, we have established an extensive base to publish books and literature in order to bring a tangible positive change in our social, cultural and religious life. These books are bringing a positive change in our society. A book named ‘Inam Yafta Log’ (The Blessed People) is remarkable book on the topic of Islamic spiritualism. Besides this Al-Maqsood Foundation has also published a three volume book named ‘Maqsood Ad-Duniya wal Akhara’ (The Purpose of the World and the Hereafter) that covers a range of topics including basic pillars of Islam, morality and Islamic beliefs about hereafter. Besides this, Al-Maqsood Media published our monthly magazine named ‘Al-Maqsood Magazine’ that published materials for all ages. The notable topics include, the Quran, Hadith Fiqh Islami and Mission activities. Besides this, there are special features and reports about women and children. There are no denying the fact that electronic media is the most powerful form of media available todate. Al-Maqsood Media is making judicious and positive use of all these forms of electronic media (including the social media) to spread the message of Islam       . The social media platform being currently used include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. All the details about the use and links of these social medias are provided in our official website that can be accessed anytime for further information.

These activities and efforts are so extensive and comprehensive that no one can do all this in his own capacity. It is the need of the time to come forward, form a unified force to reform our social, cultural and religious life of our people. These platforms are veritable defensive line to protect our religious, social and ideological frontiers. Al-Maqsood Foundation appeals to you come forward, help us achieving the dream of Muslim Renaissance. The first step has already been taken; it is a serious effort that needs to be cemented. Surely, your help can make a difference.

In short, Al-Maqsood Foundation is basically working to eradicate ignorance, repression, poverty and joblessness. People from Pakistan and abroad help us achieve this dream. It is an open invitation to all those who feel the pain for humanity and want to see reformation all across the board.