About Al-Maqsood Trust

Every member of Al-Maqsood Foundation contributes a part of his abilities and resources in the welfare activities, but there is a specific department that is only meant for social welfare. The name of this department is ‘Al-Maqsood Trust’ This institution collects resources from the rich and well off and distributes to those who are poor and those who are at lower ladder of social strata without any distinction of color and creed.

Patron in Cheif

Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi Naqshbandi is a well-known personality in medical field. He completed his Masters and Graduation from Jamshoro University Sindh. He is educationist, qualified doctor, expert hakeem, international preacher, productive writer and social activist. He has been teaching Chemistry in different colleges of Karachi since 1982 and got retired from the designation of HOD chemistry department.


Supporting Students

Providing quality education to an individual is the most beautiful and honorable gift. Through this gift one can make a way to success and lift one’s self and the family out of the poverty trap.To have quality education Al-Maqsood trust is helping needy students in terms of tuition fee, examination fee and stipends to fulfill their basic need so they could focus on their studies.

Water Projects

Water is the fundamental element of life, the most valuable of all the natural resources. Even though there is more water on our planet than there is land, hundreds of millions of people still suffer from lack of clean drinking water. Al-Maqsood Trust is providing services using its best possible capacities like hand pumps, Water Coolers and R.O plants are installed and wells are being dug in deserts and villages.

Livelihood Services

When it comes to Livelihood the vision of Al-Maqsood Trust is giving them tools or training is better than giving them charity. Al-Maqsood Foundation does not believe in begging but believes in providing employment. To provide temporary funds a donation is like making them a handicap part of society or is like making them dead, this is such a social crime with cannot be resolved that’s why Al-Maqsood Trust prefers the employment department over the donation department.

Health Services

Ailment is one of the great problems among the problem of our society. Firstly there are so many new emerging diseases that the people did not even listen names. Secondly if a patient has to get admitted in hospital for few days, would not be able to pay the charges for that.. The rich cannot afford this payment so where the poor will look for treatment. The doctor would ask you pray for the patient, Even after selling property and would say we haven’t found the treatment for this ailment. It’s hard to even imagine the condition of the patient and the attendant at this critical stage. Al-Maqsood Trust is trying to make enlighten in the abbeys of darkness and barbarism.